Trueman on the New Left ‘Mumbo Jumbo’

A hearty ‘amen’ goes to this post by Carl Trueman about the New Left’s tactic of disenfranchisement. Trueman argues that by redefining terms, the New Left have also redefined “basic categories of personal identity into species of Gnostic knowledge on which only the illuminati can opine.” Today you must play by their rules which includes a prohibition on dissent. This is something that I’ve also found irksome having observed, for example, the term ‘tolerance’ morph into something like ‘tacit approval.’ The rub is that the enlightened must genuflect to the new meaning of a host of cultural buzzwords, with no room for disagreement no matter how substantive. Read Trueman’s entire post, but enjoy a snippet here:

Last year has provided an abundance of examples of how disenfranchisement is the order of the day for the Left. Does a significant historical figure not conform to the exacting moral standards of today’s Manhattan cocktail party-goers or over-indulged Ivy Leaguers? Then erase them from history. Nay, simply erase the history. Saves time later. And does somebody today hold to a position on marriage or sexuality which fails whatever test Slate cares to set? Then by definition they have no place in polite society.